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First aired: The Signal: Season 3, Episode 10
After five years, the war is surely approaching its end, and for the first time, Borderline reports from a battle zone. I can't say I'm thrilled at the prospect, but we're here in Serenity Valley, where Alliance and Independent forces have just begun to fight. Hopefully, this will be a quick victory for our forces. Serenity Valley represents a key strategic position. Once it is taken, victory would seem inevitable.
Written by Jill Arroway
Starring Carolyn Parkinson as Romana Ling
Featuring Kari Haley as Pilot
Featuring Trampas Whiteman as Voiceover
Featuring Nick Edwards as Soldier
Featuring David Moore as Major Evan Heaton
Featuring Joy Edwards as Lieutenant Roberta Bryant
Featuring Katie Logan as Papagina Vichot
Featuring Tee Morris as Lieutenant Tom Yates

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