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First aired: The Signal: Season 3, Episode 8
Refugees, thousands of them, left homeless by the bombardment of their home planets, are now fleeing here, to Ezra. Today, we visit one of the refugee camps. The dispossessed from both sides have come with nothing but the clothes on their back. The refugee program was put in place by the former governor of Ezra - but he's now dead, and the future of this world is far from certain.
Written by Jill Arroway
Starring Carolyn Parkinson as Romana Ling
Featuring Les Howard as Sven Boswell
Featuring Trampas Whiteman as Voiceover
Featuring Katie Logan as Papagina Vichot
Featuring Christina Karr as Browncoat Refugee
Featuring Brad Bowyer as Alliance Refugee 1
Featuring Glenn Porzig as Alliance Refugee 2

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