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First aired: The Signal: Season 3, Episode 5
The war has been raging now for well over three years. In that time, we've been to Alliance worlds, Independent worlds, unallied worlds, and worlds that change sides. But today, we take you to Angel, a world which is different again. Angel, situated almost at the center of the battlezone, is a microcosm of the war. What is life like, here? Let's find out.
Written by Jill Arroway
Starring Carolyn Parkinson as Romana Ling
Featuring Kevin Bachelder as Sheriff Watts
Featuring James Parkinson as Kurt Irving
Featuring Claire Musso as Bonnie Maggs
Featuring Trampas Whiteman as Voiceover
Featuring Nick Edwards as Stallholder
Featuring Joy Edwards as YKC Announcer

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