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Fire in the Darkness

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First aired: The Signal: Season 10, Episode 6
Written by Jill Arroway
Starring Miranda Thomas as Vega Chase-Leiffson
Starring James Parkinson as Judas Chase
Starring Jutta Jordans as Säde Leiffson
Featuring Kevin Bachelder as Bill
Featuring Carolyn Parkinson as Kathryn
Featuring Claire Musso as Artemis Copilot
Featuring Anna Snyder as Vista Computer
Featuring Helen Eaton as Narrator
Featuring Andy King as Artemis Captain
Featuring JC Hutchins as Mark Pins
Featuring Heather Burdge as Samantha
Featuring Albie Burdge as Al
Music by Star One Earth That Was
Music by Ken Kurland Sad World
Edited by Jill Arroway

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