Dark Places

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First aired: The Signal: Season 6, Episode 14.2
Episode one of the now-abandoned series "Dark Places". Only two episodes were ever made.

Sound effects were provided by Digital Juice, and by the Freesound Project. The script editor was Carolyn Parkinson. Additional voices were provided by Joy Edwards and Ben Edwards. Special thanks are extended to Greg Edmonson, for allowing us to name a ship after him, and to blow it up in the first few minutes.

From episode two onwards, this story contains sex, violence and swearing.
Definitely not safe for work!

Written by Jill Arroway
Starring Jocelyn Fultz as Jade Slater
Starring Pat Olver as Elizabeth Adams
Starring Scott McCoy as Harry Slater (Slate)
Featuring Kari Haley as Lana Slater
Featuring Nick Edwards as Reaver victim
Featuring Phillip Peterson as Ron Slater (Hawkeye)
Featuring James A Zimmerman as Hagar
Featuring Naomi Devries Pomerantz as Merissa Goldovskaya
Featuring Noah Allson as Moreton Crellis
Featuring Vels inn Viggladi as Gruvick
Featuring Megan Presley as Cassandra Briggs
Featuring Barry Johnson as Ben Austin
Featuring Casey Ford as Corey Long
Featuring Paula Roth as Polly Launbjerg
Featuring Katie Logan as Papagina Vichot
Music by Dreamweaver Awakening
Music by Dreamweaver Begin of Flight
Music by Dreamweaver The Rhythm
Music by Dreamweaver Smoke Spirit
Music by Dreamweaver Journey to Paradise
Music by Dreamweaver Ambient Moods
Music by Dreamweaver Breath of Gaia
Music by Green Druid Dignity
Music by Jim Fiddler A Portrait in Sound
Music by The Loosehounds Turn Me On
Music by Rachel Kann Montanna de Oro
Edited by Jill Arroway

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